Welcome to the Catalogue


Welcome to the FI-STAR Catalogue, the place to get the FISTAR health sector Enablers that are powered by FIWARE. Feel free to browse the health market enablers and we hope you find some very useful functionality for your product and application development. Use the catalogue to explore and make a request to download and then you can apply them in your application and product workflow.  If there are any integration issues please contact the enabler contact person who can assist you to to iron out the problem.

We look forward to working with you


  • FI-PPP partners, Phase 3 accelerators projects and SMEs and Web entrepeneurs (selected by the accelerator projects) are encouraged to request an account by contacting the Catalogue Administrator . Once logged you will be able either to downalod an open source version of an enabler or to access your own instance of that enabler hosted within the FI-STAR Cloud Environment. Details about how to get an account are reported also in the Get Your SE section of each enabler.
  • Other interested actors can contact directly the Catalogue Administrator and the enablers owners to define the access criteria.