Connectivity Service

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Corici, Andreea Ancuta

What you get

The connectivity service SE acts as a mediator between front-end and backend SEs. It supports several interfaces for data transmission based either on HTTP or CoAP protocol with an end-to-end security support. It acts as a proxy between the front-end SEs and the other FI-Star SEs. In case the frontend SE (i.e. deployed in a mobile device) is (intentionally or unintentionally) unreachable, the SE will store the data temporary that can be retrieved once the device is reachable. For managing the connectivity over dedicated wireless access technologies (e.g. selecting cellular network at certain time for certain type/class of traffic), the connectivity service SE can select the appropriate access technology based on received network policy and data priority.

A second functionality is to act a device mangement client acting in the name of the device itself for connectivity monitoring and for managing the attached devices (sensors and actuators).

Beta version brought support for mobile communication, not only WiFi as well as support for HTTPS and CoAP with DTLS. Certificates can be generated and signed by the Security and Privacy SE or using OpenSSL. Please take a look at the documentation from:

Why to get it

The connectivity service is the anchor for all messages interactions between the frontend and backend SEs and core connectivity component. It acts as proxy for HTTP and CoAP messages and interconnect with core network components for mobility management and device reachability. Therefore, it is an extension for FI-Ware S3C GE.

Open specification reference

The Specification is documented in the User and Developer Guide attached to the Documentation tab.