Connectivity Service Backend

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Andreea Ancuta Corici

What you get

The Connectivity Service SE Back-end is to be used by other FI-STAR to send data to the front-end or receive data from the front-end SEs. It allows creation of device informations in the back end and offers a forwarding of this information to the EventService using Events. Its input supports CoAP or HTTP as transports protocols and its output is NGSI9/NGSI10 compliant.

The connectivity service SE acts as a mediator between front-end and backend SEs. It supports several interfaces for data transmission based either on HTTP or CoAP protocol with an end-to-end security support. It acts as a proxy between the front-end SEs and the other FI-Star SEs. In case the frontend SE (i.e. deployed in a mobile device) is (intentionally or unintentionally) unreachable, the SE will store the data temporary that can be retrieved once the device is reachable. For enabling the Connectivity Service SE to request QoS allocation and retrieve device status from an EPC (Evolved Packet Core) based operator core network PCRF (Policy and Charging Rules Function) component, the 3GPP Rx interface is supported.

Why to get it

The Connectivity Service BackEnd is a built-in part of the Connectivity Service. Its simple interface with the Connectivity Service FrontEnd allows management of device informations over HTTP or CoAP, depending on the application choice. The dynamic forwarding of information to the Event Service is a key element to simplify end to end communications. 

The connectivity service is the anchor for all messages interactions between the frontend and backend SEs and core connectivity component. It acts as proxy for HTTP and CoAP messages and interconnect with core network components based on Diameter protocol. Therefore, it is an extension for FI-Ware S3C GE.

Open specification reference

More information can be found in the description page.