Device Management

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Contact Person:
Corici, Andreea Ancuta and Adel Al-Hezmi

What you get

The Device Management provides interfaces to manage the M2M devices information in general and in the FI-STAR context adressing medical devices. It is developed as a OMA Leightweight M2M Device Management server. The medical devices register to it. Applications can subscribe to device availability and get notified accrdingly. The mentioned operations are part of the OMA Leightweight M2M standard. The transport protocol is Constraint Application Protocol (CoAP), an efficient transport protocol for constrained devices in terms of battery and connection bandwidth, for example.

Why to get it

The component enables an application to be aware of the available medical devices and the information related to their capabilities for example the measurements that they provide.

Open specification reference

The specification can be found at:
For the moment the object model used is the one refering to the Device.