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Kleanthis Neokleous

What you get

A patient Summary application based on epSOS (www.epsos.eu) for the development of the patient summary epSOS specific enabler. The epSOS SE is being implemented as a BACK END API. The epSOS SE can be linked with the EHR SE.

Why to get it

The “European Patients’ Smart Open Services” epSOS project was initiated in 2008 and at the time it involved a few stakeholders that gradually grew to encompass 25 countries and about 50 beneficiaries. The focus of the project has been to offer safe, secure and high-quality services for exchange of patient summary data and ePrescriptions between European countries, in line with the Directive 2011/24/EU that provides rules for facilitating the access to safe and high-quality cross-border healthcare and promotes cooperation on healthcare between Member States, in full respect of national competencies in organizing and delivering healthcare. More specifically, the Article 14 (2) (b) (i) of the Directive 2011/24/EU has identified an objective for the eHealth Network to draw up guidelines on a non-exhaustive list of data that are to be included in patients’ summaries. These guidelines will follow the preliminary work in the field of eHealth, and in particular from the epSOS pilot that provided a solid and reliable foundation.

The epSOS SE covers the exchange of patient data and implements the BACK-END API. The epSOS SE provides the functionality to develop the client site and the client connector to a local National Contact Point portal as it is defined by the epSOS Large Scale Pilot (LSP) and following the recommendations and guidelines offered by the OpenNCP platform. The patient summary will be supported by the EHR SE. 

Open specification reference

The epSOS SE open specification can be found at the documentation site.