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Mikel Uriarte Itzazelaia

What you get

Geofencing SE enables to enforce unified access control policies decoupling the policicy decision making from the application logic development. On one hand it includes the posibility to constraint access to any resource based on attributes where most significant is indoor/outdoor location of users and/or resources. It covers RBAC and ABAC requirements. On the other hand it enables to avoid applications recodification when any policy element is changed.

By means of integration and usability from developers point of view, simple REST interface call with some few parameters as authenticated_user_id, action and target_resource, gets granting or denying of permissions based on unified access control policy. It is fully integrated in OAuth schemas for authentication purposes.

Fine grained policies may require gathering some additional external data, performed transparently for the user and developer through internal data locators and retrievers.

This fine grained policies are edited through an intuitive and userfriednly graphical user interface, including the zonification and fence definitions for location based access control features.

Why to get it

User and resources indoor localization based fine grained access control policies enforcement is a must when Healthcare applications plan to exchange any sensible data in any process.

Open specification reference

The open specification can be found at the documentation site.