Health Questionnaire Service

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Contact Person:
Patricia Casla / Ignacio Lazaro

Patricia Casla: (Terms & Conditions)
Ignacio Lazaro: (Technical Support)

What you get

The Health questionnaire SE allows:.

  • to create simple assessment (on-demand) and monitoring (periodicity basd) questionnaires,
  • to schedule monitoring questionnaires,
  • to collect the results from the questionnaires,
  • to store questionnaire models and results into the repository (depending on configuration options),
  • to access questionnaires logs  (i.e. historical data), 
  • to keep audit trail (i.e. log of actions),
  • to publish new questionnaire context event  into the  Publish/Subscribe Context Broker GE and  Event Service SE to be used by other  components (depending on configuration options).

The Health Questionnaire SE includes the following elements:

  • RestFUL Health Questionnaire SE web service that prov ides specific interfaces/operations.
  • Basic questionnaire representation GUI. 
  • Basic administration GUI to configure SE options.

Why to get it

Questionnaire are widely used in the healthcare sector. The Health Questionnaire SE makes easier the creation of simple assessment and monitoring questionnaires.

Open specification reference

The open specification can be found at the Documentation section.