FI-STAR Platform


The FI-STAR Platform is made by a set of enablers which aims to fulfil the requirements and needs of the health domain. Part of these enablers where designed and developed on the base of the requirements expressed by the 7 use cases involved in the project. Others enablers were added to the platform as they were designed and developed by the partners who joined the project after participating to the project open calls.

The GEs uptake by the Use Case applications can be direct or indirect or both. Direct means that the application can integrate in its architecture directly the GEs. Indirect means that the application architecture can integrate a FI-STAR enablers which in turn adopt one ore more GEs. If and how a FI-STAR enabler leverages on the FI-WARE GEs can be analysed by exploring the related documentation pages in the Catalogue.

UC Applications: Integrated Generic Enablers

The FI-STAR project uses several GEs a significant number of which have been fully integrated (or are going to be integrated) into the UC applications. We list the most important ones below.